Welcome to our office!

Paul Hype Page Head Office in Singapore

Step into an edu-cultural journey

A contemporary Nonya peranakan 4-storey shophouse that’s rich in history and heritage located in the heart of the city at 30 Petain Road is where your personalised, experiential journey starts.

A partner to your business, a host to you

We bring an eclectic mix of services as your trusted business partner and host.

Co-working Spaces

Co-work & interact in an open environment with flexible spaces that’s made for conversations, collaborations & entertainment

Co-living Spaces

Let us host you with our living spaces as you experience and start your journey in Singapore

Event Spaces

Your unique event space at the heart of the cultural town in Singapore

Training Spaces

Training Spaces

Comfortable and conducive training spaces for learners to thrive

Professional Services

Corporate services to guide your business to success

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Check out our office at 30 Petain Road!

Our global community

The right people, the right training, the right qualifications, and the right sort of culture, bring what we call our Right Strategy to life.

Eric - Chief Executive Officer



Angela - Chief Marketing Officer

Noriyuki Sakazume


Letitia - Business Development

Flying colours

Sri Lanka

Ramu - Head Of Operations





Lera - Head Of Employment Pass


Hong Kong

Shaping Our Purpose

At the core of what we do, we make the dreams of starting a business a reality – all guided by our vision, mission, and values, walking you through your journey to success.

To empower entrepreneurs and business owners to dream big, creating the foundation for business success.

To guide our clients in unfamiliar territories and provide them with chances of success for their business.

Ingrained in our DNA, these values are what we live and breathe and guide our every action or interaction.


Working together to unlock the true potential of your business.


Staying innovative to do things differently sets us apart.


Navigating through the complexities and the dynamic business environments together.


Tapping on our competitive advantage – our people, to deliver business expertise and constant trainings